5 post travel thoughts that travelers can relate to 

The Petite Passenger


After a life changing event you can be left with many feelings, emotions and a whole new outlook on life. Many people say travel is life changing and I couldn’t agree more.

There are so many extreme highs, and hopefully not many travel lows but most of all it leaves you with plenty of memories. These are the scars my trips have left me and they are rather common in the travel community. Hopefully you can relate to some of these too and feel like you’re back on the road again… unless you already are, in which case I’m extremely jealous!

1/ I don’t need stuff. 

bottle-beach You can’t fit much in these beach bungalows after all…

Having more than 3 pairs of shoes or 1 pair of jeans suddenly seems absurd to me. Plus, the less belongings I have the less ties I have to a single place. It’s…

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